Excellent male organ health should be the goal of all men, especially those who wish to maintain a lifelong sensual life.

There are many components related to good male organ health, and some – such as dietary factors – may not seem so obvious. But a man’s food and drink can have a significant impact on the health and performance of his favorite organ. With this in mind, a man may want to look in addition to pomegranates to his diet.

A sensual story

For centuries, pomegranates have had a reputation as a “sensual” fruit. In Greek mythology, Persephone is kidnapped by Hades to be his bride. Because she eats pomegranate seeds while in the underworld, she is forced to live with him during part of the year. The use of pomegranate is significant, as it is a fleshy, bloody fruit that practically screams “sensual activity.” And the meaning of the virile seeds that Persephone consumes is obvious.

Pomegranates have also been strongly associated with Aphrodite, the goddess of love, but their association with carnality dating even more. Many scholars believe that the original “forbidden fruit” in the Garden of Eden was supposed to be a pomegranate rather than an apple. And in Chinese history, this hard fruit is associated with fertility.


There are many health benefits associated with pomegranates, as well as its seeds and juice. For one thing, it’s low in calories, so one can consume a fair amount of it without worrying about weight gain.

But there’s more to the pomegranate. It is a fruit very rich in antioxidants, especially those of the polyphenol class – things like tannin, ellagic acid and anthocyanins. Why are antioxidants important? Antioxidants attack those notorious free radicals, waste products that if allowed to proliferate can cause serious cell damage.

Furthermore, this fruit is an excellent source of potassium and vitamin C, both of which are necessary for general body health. And several studies have linked pomegranate consumption to a reduced risk of developing dementia and some types of cancer (although further studies are needed further back to these initial results.)

Male organ health

Pomegranates are a great way to improve overall health – but what can one do for one man’s virility in particular? Why incorporate more pomegranates into a member health program?

Well, for several reasons:

-Help with sensual unity. Pomegranates were kept long to be sensual boosters in cars (hence interest in them compared to Aphrodite). A Scottish study has found that it can create an increase in the availability of male hormone, which results in a more active and sensual unit.

-There may be tumescence benefits. A study by the University of California reported that 47% of participants in a pomegranate trial experienced a profound increase in their sensual function. This is largely attributed to the richness of antioxidant fruit, which helps improve blood flow for virility. In addition, pomegranates help control blood pressure, which can also improve tumescence performance.

– Sperm quality can be affected. A Turkish study found that the overall quality of the sperm was higher in men who drank pomegranate juice.

Men interested in increasing their intake of pomegranate should consult a doctor or nutritionist to determine the appropriate amount that they should consume.

While pomegranates may be an aid in maintaining male organ health, men should not stop with altering their diet. They also need to incorporate a first health member crčme (health professionals recommend Man1 man oil, which is clinically proven to be gentle and safe for the skin) in their daily virility care routine. A good crème can integrate many of the health benefits provided by pomegranates. For example, the best creams contain a powerful antioxidant, such as alpha-lipoic acid, which can provide additive protection against oxidative stress and cell damage directly to the member. Furthermore, the correct crčme can also help in keeping those very important virility open and flowing blood vessels; a crème with the amino acid L-arginine is ideal for that particular benefit. And any respectable male organ crčme should include vitamin C, to facilitate the production of collagen and the firmness of the male organ.